How To Drive Automatic Cars

Learn how to drive automatic cars so that you can enjoy the experience of driving without having to worry about shifting from one gear to another every couple of seconds. Automatic cars have become increasingly popular over the years and for good reasons. With an automatic car, you do not have to worry about multitasking as much since your car will be shifting for you, and because of this you will be less likely to get into an accident since you will be better able to concentrate on the road.

To drive automatic cars, you will need:

  • An automatic car
  • A place to practice driving
  • Practice
  • Possibly a driving an instructor
  1. To drive an automatic car, you need to learn how to change gears first. Some cars will have shifters on the right side of the wheel, while others might have it in between the passenger and driver seats. Sometimes you will have to press or hold a button to move the shifter. Get used to changing from gear to gear. You will start out in park, which will prevent the car from moving in most locations. On steep hills you may need to also apply the parking brake. Learn how to shift into reverse, which will allow you to back up and is useful in driveways and parking lots. Learn how to put the car into drive, which allows you to drive normal. Most cars will also have lower gears you can put your car into other than drive, which will give the engine more pull torque while sacrificing speed.
  2. The next step in driving an automatic car is learning how to accelerate and brake. You will use your right foot to hit the pedals on the ground unless there is some reason the does not allow you to do this or you are in a customized car. The accelerator is the pedal on the far right and the brake pedal is directly to the left of it. Some cars will accelerate quickly with the slightest touch of the pedal, while others will require you to push it further for any acceleration. If your automatic car has decent brakes then you should not have to push very hard to slow your car down. However, the older and more worn out they are, the harder you will have to press down the brake pedal. 
  3. Practice turning, accelerating, braking, and combining the different combinations to drive an automatic car properly. This will be the toughest part of the learning experience. You will need to practice accelerating and then braking to stop at stop signs, stop lights, or any obstructions. You should also practice turning, including right turns, left turns, "U" turns, and "K" turns, all of which will allow you to maneuver properly through traffic and obstacles.


  • To safely drive an automatic car, you will need to learn the rules of the road and take the required driver tests to get your license. The test will require you to learn the rules of the road, and you can learn these rules by getting a rule book or manual from a DMV in your town.
  • You may want to hire a driving instructor before taking the test so that you can have a basic understanding of what the test will consist of and how you can prepare for it.
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