How To Drive A Jet Ski

Learning how to drive a jet ski is very easy and safe if you learn the proper way to ride this personal water craft. Jet ski safety is paramount to having a fun, exhilarating and safe experience.

To learn how to drive a jet ski, you will need to:

  1. Take a short safety course about the rules of the waterway. Just like there are rules of the road, there are rules for the waterway too. Knowing who has the right of way and how to be courteous to other boaters will keep everyone safe.
  2. Put on a personal flotation device. Whether you swim or not, you must wear a personal floatation device when you drive a jet ski. The possibility of hitting a wave or wake and getting tossed off is pretty good and the personal flotation device will assure all that their driver can easily swim, or float, back to the jet ski.
  3. Put on the safety switch lanyard around your wrist. Jet skis come with a safety switch which is designed so that, if the driver should fall off, the jet ski will stop immediately. Never jerryrig the safety switch if you should lose the original – it's just not safe. Instead, return to any jet ski dealership and they should be able to get you a replacement safety switch key.
  4. Place both hands securely on the handle bars. On the right side of the jet ski handle bar will be a throttle. In order to go forward, gently press the throttle toward you. Don't press too hard at first or you're likely to end up in the drink.
  5. Steer with the handle bars and lean into curves. It takes a bit of practice to get a feel for how the jet ski will handle so start off slow. Although it might seem foreign at first, to have the most control on the jet ski, you'll need to learn to lean into turns and give the jet ski just a bit more gas. Also, when crossing wakes or waves, you'll have a smoother ride if you give the jet ski just a bit more gas.

Learning how to drive a jet ski can be as much fun as mastering a jet ski, as long as you have a large area in which to practice and remember that safety always must come first. Never drink and drive a jet ski!

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