How To Drive In Reverse In A Manual Car

Learning how to drive in reverse in a manual car is not as complicated as it may sound. If you have ever drive in reverse in an automatic car, it will be easier to learn how to drive in reverse in a manual car. The main thing you need to learn about how to drive in reverse in a manual car is how to shift into the reverse gear and how to operate the clutch. Driving in reverse is not recommended for long periods of time, it is best used for backing out of a parking space or a drive way.

  1. Start the vehicle. Starts the vehicle if it is not already started. Place the vehicle in neutral by holding in the clutch and placing the shift level in the center (no gear).
  2. Shift into reverse. Shift into reverse just like you would shift into any other gear. Hold the clutch in all the way and place the shift lever into the reverse gear. Reverse is typically located to the right and down, look at the shifter knob if you are not sure.
  3. Drive in reverse. In a manual car you will need to do a little more than just press the gas. Slowly release the clutch, begin to give the car gas. Carefully watch behind you and steer properly to direct the car.
  4. Stop driving in reverse. Once you reach your intended destination you will need to stop driving in reverse in a manual car. Stop driving my pressing the clutch in and shifting back into neutral. You can now park the car or shift back into first gear and drive away.


  • Practice driving a manual car before attempting to drive in reverse in a manual car.



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