How To Drive Off Road Golf Carts

Learning how to drive off road golf carts is just like learning how to drive anything else. No matter what you drive, you have to no your machine, and off road golf carts are no different. You also need to know the terrain you're going to try to tackle with your golf cart. What kind of driving will you be doing? Will you be racing, or are you just being a major league dork taking a golf cart down the side of a hill. Understanding just how to handle your golf cart in an off road situation will be the difference in you successfully maneuvering your machine or flipping the golf cart over. Here's the proper way to drive your golf cart off road.

  1. Understanding your machine. The first thing you need to know about golf carts is that they simply do not accelerate all that fast. Not to mention, their top speeds are about fifteen miles an hour. The off road form of the golf cart is slightly faster and a little more durable than its country club counterpart but not by much. Neither form of the vehicle can handle huge bumps or hills. You will flip them over if you try to make incredibly sharp turns at funny angles. Golf carts should be used for what they were intended which is to get golfers and clubs around the course. Luckily you operate one of these things very similarly to car. The only difference is that there is either a switch or a knob that controls going in reverse or forward.
  2. What are you using it for. If you're just using the golf cart to get around the course then you'll have no problems with its functionality. If you're taking this thing out for an off road race then you're going to have a whole new set of things to worry about. Golf carts are prone to tipping over if you make hard turns with them. Hitting large bumps or holes is another way to knock this thing off balance. If you're going to race a golf cart in some sort of off road contest then be careful. People have been known to injure themselves while operating golf carts.
  3. The terrain. As it was stated earlier, it's imperative that you watch out for imperfections in the road. Golf carts aren't as durable as off road buggies or even dirt bikes. These things are for playing golf not racing. It's in your best interest to avoid anything on the road you can avoid. Don't event think about trying to climb steep hills because it isn't going to happen. You better jam that petal to the floor, climb to fifteen miles an hour, and go around the hill, and go around the bumbs, and go around the potholes. But don't try to go through them. 
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