How To Drive Off Road Motocross Bikes

Are you interested in learning how to drive off road motocross bikes? Motocross is a form of dirt biking, and are lightweight off road motorcycles built to travel through rocks, sand, mud and dirt. They can be ridden on streets if they have lights, signals, a speedometer and mirrors. Want something that is not only a blast to do, but is also a guy or gal magnet extraordinaire? Explore off road motocross biking! 

Dirt bike apparel and gear needed:     

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Pants
  • Motocross Boots
  • Subframe Guard
  • Knee and Elbow Guards

  1. Know what type of bike you need. The off road motocross bike you choose depends on how and where you want to ride it. There are besert bikes, obviously for racing in the desert; trail-riders, which are typically ridden in the woods; enduro bikes, made for test endurance races; and dual bikes, which are used on both the street and off road racing. Age, size and weight affects what type of off road bike you need; do your research.
  2. Try them out. Before spending the big bucks, it would be smart to borrow a motocross bike, or go to an off road bike shop just to test how the weight and size feel to you. After all, you must be big enough to pick the motorcycle up and your feet need to be able to reach the ground. A good rule of thumb is, if you are 150 pounds or less, and have never ridden an off road motocross bike before, consider a 150 cc motorcycle. If you are closer to 200 pounds or over, as well as have motorcycle experience, go ahead and get a bigger one.
  3. Learn how to drive off road motocross. At first, you may be intimidated, but it is actually pretty simple, and you will become quite natural in a very short time. An off road motocross bike riding road buddy can teach you, or you can join a riding class.
  4. Your first ride. Make sure it will not be raining on the day you will take your first run. Bring someone with you in case of an emergency. Take your off road bike to a place where there is nothing you can run or fall into, such as areas that are densely populated with trees, rivers or streams. It must be an area that is flat, large and hard-packed with dirt. Put on your riding gear, most importantly your helmet. Sit on the seat and lean forward only slightly, taking care to keep your elbows up out. At this stage of the game, you should already be familiar with the brakes, throttle, shift pedal and clutch lever.
  5. Start the bike. After starting the bike, rev it up while holding in the brake. Look straight ahead. Try not to look down at the handlebars or on the ground, as this may make you wobble or feel unsteady. Balance is everything when learning how to drive off road motocross, so learn how to control your cycle before worrying about speed at this juncture. Not only are you learning your bike, it is learning what you want from it also.
  6. Move forward. Slowly ease off on the brake, shift the clutch into first gear and gently begin to move forward. Only go a few practice feet at first. After you feel confident enough, turn the throttle slightly more and go a tad bit faster. Remember, you can always apply the brakes after shifting down (if you have time to do so) if you run into any trouble or start to feel nervous. Once you have mastered going straight, try to turn in a circle, leaning right or left, depending on which way you are turning. That’s it! You have learned how to drive off road motocross bike.

Safety Tips:

Ride unimpaired.

Always wear protective gear.

Ride within your skill limits.

Take refresher courses.

Do not ride during the hottest part of the day – motocross gear gets warm; you may get distracted and crash.

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