How To Drop In Halfpipe On A Snowboard

If you want to ride the halfpipe you'll need to learn how to drop into a halfpipe on a snowboard. Once you feel comfortable in the terrain park and you've spent a fair amount of time in the air, you'll probably want to attempt the halfpipe. This article will teach you how to drop in and ride a halfpipe.

  1. Dropping into a halfpipe is really just an extension of a variety of skills that the intermediate rider should possess. Do not attempt the halfpipe if you cannot land 180 airs and ride fakie.
  2. If the terrain park is busy, make sure the halfpipe is clear before you begin your run. It can be very dangerous to drop into a halfpipe on a snowboard with another rider.
  3. Make sure you have a solid board and a fresh wax job.  You don't want to drop into a halfpipe on a snowboard that you are not comfortable with.
  4. Most halfpipes have an entrance ramp towards the top. You can use these if you don't feel comfortable dropping in on the vertical section. If you use a ramp to drop into a halfpipe on a snowboard, make sure you have sufficient speed to make it up to the lip on the other side of the pipe.
  5. Head up the pipe wall and try to air out. Land as high on the wall as possible to maintain speed.
  6. Try to angle downhill at all times to maintain speed. As you get better, you will be able to add more tricks to each run.


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