How To Drop Items In Oblivion

Most players of the award-winning Elder Scrolls IV known how to drop items in Oblivion, but do you? The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released on March 20, 2006 to ecstatic audiences world-wide; it garnered significant fame for Bethesda (and its later endeavors such as Fallout 3). There are lots of items in Oblivion, and there is more to be found than simply a bunch of swords and shields. If you would like to get rid of some items in Oblivion, follow these directions below.

  1. Load up Oblivion. It is hard to drop items in Oblivion when the game is not even on. First, turn on your Xbox/Personal Computer/PS3 as you normally would. Go to the main menu and select the character of your choice to begin (or continue) your adventure!
  2. Open up your inventory. Go ahead and open up the inventory screen of your Oblivion character. This will show all the items in Oblivion you have collected thus far. Windows users should press 'TAB' to bring up their journal, then navigate to the inventory buttons (there is one for both weapons and clothing). Xbox users should press 'B' to bring up their journal, then use the Left and Right Triggers to select the clothing/weapons tab. PS3 players must release 'O' to get to the journal, at which point they can use L1 and R1 to get to the appropriate tab.
  3. Select an item to drop. There are a lot of items in Oblivion, many of which are important. Do not drop Daedric Armor, for example. Nonetheless, drop items in Oblivion that weigh more than they are worth (and are disposable).
  4. Drop! On the Xbox 360, the key to drop items in Oblivion is 'X'. For the PS3 version the 'Square' button is utilized once the appropriate items is highlighted. Computer games should hold down a left click on the item in question while simultaneously pressing down on 'SHIFT'.

There are a lot of useless items in Oblivion. You can easily drop items in Oblivion without losing that precious, and oh-so-heavy, Daedric armor you love. A good, clean inventory is the key not getting over-encumbered at the wrong place and time in the Elder Scrolls IV.

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