How To Dry Clean A Cashmere Sport Coat

How to dry clean a cashmere sport coat is important and necessary in order to keep it in great condition and ensure longer wear. Cashmere is a wool that is very soft and luxurious and can be easily cared for providing you follow the cleaning care instruction on the inside label of your coat. Dry cleaning is often considered the best option for cashmere because it is a delicate fabric. In deciding to dry clean your cashmere sport coat, you can either opt to bring it to your local dry cleaning establishment or purchase a home dry cleaning kit. Below are instructions on how to dry clean your sport coat at home.

Things you'll need:

  • Home dry cleaning kit
  • Wooden cedar hanger
  1. Shake your sport coat to rid it of dust and dirt particles. Next, spot clean your cashmere coat with the spot treating solution that comes with the home dry cleaning kit you have purchased. Most kits provide a spot cleaner. Then, zip or button the sport coat to help garment to hold its shape.
  2. Read the instruction carefully and fellow each step. Put the coat in the garment bag with the towelette that also come with the kit. put it in the dryer on medium or high heat for 30 minutes. Clean out the dryer lint filter to prevent over heating before you start the dryer. 
  3. When the 30 minutes are up, remove the cashmere sport coat immediately to prevent winkles. Lay flat until dry. While your coat is drying, keep it away from heat or sunlight to prevent shrinking. After your coat has completely dried put in on a wooden cedar hanger.


  • Use cedar chips wherever you store your garments to protect wool garments from moths
  • Use acid free paper in the sleeves of the coat to prevent creases.
  • Use garment bags that are breathable or a sealed box to store your items, and to protect them from dust, dampness and light.
  • Don't store your cashmere garments in a hot attic or cellar or underneath a bed. 
  • When using a local dry cleaning establishment, choose a company that has experience in cleaning delicate items.
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