How To Dry Running Shoes

Want to learn how to dry running shoes? After sloshing through the rain or wet grass, your running shoes are sopping wet. Will they be ready for the next run? These quick tips will tell you how to dry running shoes without damaging the material and structure. Do not put the shoes in the dryer, as this can cause a problem for the shoes and the poor dryer.

Items Needed:

  • Flat Surface
  • Newspapers or body towel
  1. Clean running shoes quickly if they are caked with mud and grime. Wipe away as much excess moisture are possible. Remove laces i necessary and put in wash.
  2. Remove the insoles. Lay them on a flat surface to dry. Do not pin up. This will cause indentations in the sole, which can be uncomfortable when running. 
  3. Stuff shoes with newspaper or a rolled up towel. This will absorb the moisture from the shoes. If needed change the newspaper every hour to two hours to quicken the process and make sure the paper is still absorbing.
  4. Place on a flat surface away from the heating source. Do not place directly on a heater or directly into sunlight. Shaded areas work great. A fan can also be used to speed the process along.

Most running shoes will take about a half a day to dry depending on the temperature where they are drying. If possible, purchase a backup pair of running shoes in case you need to use them before they dry. Air-drying preserves the life of your running shoes, so be patient.         


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