How To Duck Hunt By Yourself

If you are a strong and independent waterfowl hunter, then you need to know how to duck hunt by yourself. There are a lot of benefits to duck hunting by yourself, such as you won’t lose sight of your prey due to your partners. Most importantly, that sense of peace and quiet when hunting ducks by yourself surpasses anything else. This article will guide you to help you duck hunt by yourself.

  1. Location is very important. If you find a good spot, then you pretty much have most of your work done for you. Having a solid understanding of ducks' nesting places is a useful skill when you are hunting ducks by yourself. Basically, you want to find the food source of ducks and a high ground where you have a clear shot.
  2. Define your duck hunting strategy. Depending on your strategy, the way you hunt ducks may be drastically different. For example, morning hunters would be much more successful in ambushing ducks at their food source. Waterfowls feed primarily in the morning. You can catch them off guard when they are feeding.
  3. Use decoys. Duck hunting by yourself is very easy if your decoys are set up correctly. This strategy is especially effective early in the season when ducks are not used to decoys. When using decoys, make sure you have a variety of duck species. That will increase your chance of attracting ducks. Your decoy should not only be realistic, but also visible. There is no point to decoys if other ducks cannot see them.
  4. Dress properly. Like doing everything else in this world, when you dress properly you increase your chance of success. Depending on your hunting locations, camouflage is extremely important. If ducks cannot see you, then you are in the best position to take the shot.
  5. Duck calling. Another valuable skill to have in a duck hunt is calling. When you are hunting ducks by yourself, calling ducks to you or your decoys will make a huge difference. You can either learn the calls yourself or buy an electronic duck calling device.
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