How Durable Are Zero Skateboard Decks?

How durable are Zero skateboard decks? Most Zero skateboard decks are made in Mexico, of seven-ply maple, although the newer line featuring the bloody skull graphics seem to razor tail faster than their other lines. Zero decks are somewhat heavier than other skateboards, and a distinction should be made between the pro or "signature" models and the regular Zero boards. The signature models are generally heavier decks, so they handle greater weight stress, but the feel isn’t as comfortable for some folks. Most people have little or no trouble with chipping in the short term, even on the nose, but trying gaps and landing on the tail will snap it off in no time. Zero skateboard decks are offered in a decent variety of shapes and lengths depending on the kind of work you want to do, and feature “shallow grave“ concavity versus the standard concave.

Because it’s a heavier deck, it’s more durable and lasts a long time. Still, it doesn’t offer as much pop as lighter skateboard decks, although some would argue that Zero decks have great pop. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any pop, but they do seem to lose more and more quickly as time goes on. The concave generally is more flat than a baker deck, for example, and overall that’s the biggest complaint. Zero decks are pretty choice for skating handrails and stairs, but the boards have a stiffness that can be a pain initially.

There are not a lot of skaters who bring their board inside after a gentle ride, wipe it down carefully to remove all of the grime, and wrap it to prevent any damage until next time. A Zero deck can be left in the rain and still performs pretty well after, although its definitely not recommended because the deck will get waterlogged fast, and you will notice it chips faster and feels even heavier. The graphics aren’t always the most inspired; although the Jamie Thomas designs get a good response and it helps that the actual board is dependable too. A lot of the designs are a bit boring or weak, and not everyone’s punk and into skulls everywhere, but you’re going to grind up the design or sticker over it anyway, so your biggest concern should be whether the skateboard deck works for you.

Zero skateboard decks will crack or snap if they are stomped, especially by a heavier skater. Heavier bodies coming down even on a good landing put stress on the Zero deck that it just doesn’t handle well, but thinner skaters will still be skating their Zero decks after a year, unless they’re doing a lot of gaps, so stay on the nose for landings. Their waxy bottoms also do well for board slides. Bottom line is that the Zero skateboard deck will perform well for tricks and flips on rails, but won’t last at all if you’re heavy and stink at skating, and might not be your first choice for tricks on flat ground.

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