How To Dutty Wine

Guys want to know how to dutty wine dance because the song is becoming a classic reggae dance hall anthem. The dance started in the Caribbean islands, and is done to the song ”Dutty Wine,” by Tony Matterhorn. Practice this dance a lot in private with a trusted friend who can give you feedback on your moves. Don’t try doing the Dutty Wine dance unless you are good at it and in good shape. Dutty Wine moves gone wrong can make you look dumb, or worse, get you injured.

  1. Buy the 2006 song, ”Dutty Wine”, by Tony Matterhorn. Play it several times. Listen to it to get a feel for the beat.
  2. Warm up your body before doing the dutty wine. Do some gentle free style dancing  for 5 or ten minutes before you start in earnest. Do some basic stretches after you warm up.
  3. Slightly bend your knees, with your feet shoulder width apart. Circle your hips. Rotate your pelvis and butt in rhythm with the song. Become one with the beat.
  4. Do the butterfly with your legs. Bend your knees. Bring your knees together and then apart in unison to look like flapping butterfly wings.
  5. Swing your head around to the rhythm of the “Dutty Wine” song while you are on both or one of your knees. You can even do the split while twirling your head. This is a dutty wine signature move, but do it carefully, so you don’t injure your neck.

Even though girls usually dance the dutty wine, a guy doing it will look very strong and impressive.

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