How To Dye Bleach Stained Jeans

If you need to refresh soiled denim, learning how to dye bleach stained jeans is the ideal solution. Certain stains, like deep set grease, bond to the fibers and cannot be removed with ordinary detergent. Dying bleach stained jeans does not lift the stains but instead fades them out of sight. Though when you dye bleach stained jeans you will fade your pants as a whole, the look of distressed, worn jeans is modern and chic and will turn your soiled pair into a sexy garment.

To dye bleach stained jeans, you will need:

  • One quart of bleach
  • Rubber gloves
  • Detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • A bucket and a long wooden cooking spoon or access to a washing machine
  1. Dye bleach stained jeans in your washing machine. Fill your washing machine with hot water on the lowest water level setting. Pour in one quart of bleach and turn on the agitating cycle for two minutes to mix the bleach in well. Turn off the washing machine and put on the rubber gloves. Press the jeans fully into the water, making sure at least one prominent stain is facing up so you can see it. Turn on the agitating cycle again until the stain is bleached out of sight. Then, drain the bleach water immediately and follow by washing the jeans in warm water and detergent, adding fabric softener to eliminate the scent of bleach.
  2. Dye bleach stained jeans by hand. Fill a bath tub or bucket with enough warm water to submerge the stained jeans completely, although do not submerge them yet. For a bath tub, pour one quart of bleach into the water; for a bucket, pour in half a quart. Mix the bleach in well with a long cooking spoon while wearing protective rubber gloves. Next, press the stained jeans into the bleach solution in a way that will allow you to see one of the prominent stains. Stir the jeans to help the bleach seep into the fibers. When the stain disappears from sight, remove the jeans from the bleach solution immediately and rinse them under running warm water. Then wash the jeans as you normally would, adding fabric softener to eliminate the scent of bleach.
  3. Judge how much to dye your bleach stained jeans. There are two important reasons for moderating how much you dye bleach stained jeans. First, bleach weakens the cotton fibers in denim and will cause your jeans to soften and wear down sooner. Second, bleach will continue to fade your stained jeans until you wash it out completely. Therefore, take your jeans out of the bleach solution as soon as the largest or worst stain disappears. If you misjudge and find that the stain still shows, you can always bleach and dye your stained jeans again. But if you over bleach and fade your jeans too much, you will be unable to correct the color without dying your jeans with clothing dye.
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