How To Dye Blue Jeans Darker

Need to know how to dye blue jeans darker? Blue jeans are a classic and a must have in every man's closet. Naturally, throughout time, it eventually fades or gets a few stains. Find out how to get your blue jeans darker and get them to look new again.

To dye blue jeans darker, you will need:

  • clothing dye
  • hot water
  • bucket
  • washer & dryer
  • detergent
  • stick
  1. Buy clothing dye. To get blue jeans darker, use the popular fabricdye, Rit dye. It comes in assorted colors, including denim blue and navy blue. It is best to get the powder dye because it is less messy than the liquid one.
  2. Mix the dye together. Take a bucket filled with hot water and put the denim blue and a box of navy blue, in powder into the bucket. Stir it for 30 seconds until the powder fully dissolved into the hot water.
  3. Place the jeans into the bucket. While the water is steaming with the dye, take your blue jeans, put it in the bucket, and let it remain in there for 30 minutes. Occasionally stir the water with a stick or an old spoon so the dye blends in well over the entire jeans.
  4. Rinse jeans. Put jeans into washing machine and rinse in warm water, then once again with cool water until the water becomes clear. After the rinse, wash jeans with gentle detergent in cold water. Another option is washing the blue jeans without using your washer; just squeeze any excess water into the bucket until it becomes damp
  5. Dry your jeans. Let it air dry overnight or in the dryer. After drying completes, you can wear your newly dark blue jeans, again.

Tip: Clean your washing machine to avoid permanent stains staying in.
        Do not place other clothes in your washing machine along with the dyed jeans. It will create unwanted stains on the clothes.

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