How To Dye Blue Jeans

Need to know how to dye blue jeans? People have lots of reasons for dying their blue jeans. The most common reason is to bring back the color they once were before fading away. Others want a unique pair of blue jeans that have a personal design to them. Either way, there is pretty much one way to dye your blue jeans.

What you need to dye blue jeans:

  • Bucket
  • Hot water
  • Fabric dye
  • Gloves
  1. Get some fabric dye for your blue jeans. You can purchase fabric dye at just about any craft store. It only costs a few dollars and comes with detailed instructions. This product will definitely dye your blue jeans. You can get it in many colors.
  2. Before you begin dying your jeans, make sure they are clean. Look over your blue jeans and make sure they are free from stains or dirty spots. Any spot on the denim will dye a different color. Treat your stains and wash your jeans first if you have to.
  3. To dye your blue jeans, get your blue jeans wet. Put your jeans under water and wet them all the way through. This will ensure that the dye will color evenly in the fabric. Dry spots will absorb more color than wet spots.
  4. Fill a bucket with hot water. Hot water will help dissolve and mix the dye properly. You will need at least a three to five gallon bucket to hold a pair of blue jeans. Read the directions on the bottle of dye as to how much color you need to add to the water. Let the fabric dye dissolve in the hot water.
  5. Put gloves on. Make sure to put on a good tight pair of gloves before touching the dye. This dye is permanent color and will be very difficult to get off anything it touches. You may consider what you are wearing as well.
  6. Put your blue jeans in the bucket. Now that you have properly added the fabric dye to the hot water, loosely put your jeans in the bucket. Using your hands, swish the blue jeans around in the dye making sure all parts of the jeans are saturated with color. Let the blue jeans soak for up to an hour.
  7. Rinse the jeans. Take your blue jeans out of the dye and rinse them out in the sink in cold water. Cold water will set the color in the denim. Rinse the jeans until the water runs clear.
  8. Wash your new jeans. You have successfully dyed your blue jeans and now you can wash them. Place them in the washing machine and wash them like you normally would. The first time washing your jeans should be alone just in case you have any remaining dye. You don't want to color he rest of your clothing.
  9. Repeat the process. After washing and drying your blue jeans you might think they are not dark enough. If this is the case, repeat the process to get a darker color. Then wear your new jeans in style.
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