How To Dye Wallabees

Need to know how to dye Wallabees? Have a pair of Wallabees and want to know how to dye them? We'll tell you how! Wallabees are old school. The shoe is made by the brand Clark. They were first seen in the 1990s. If you are a fan of throwback style, then Wallabees are a great choice of footwear for you. Not everyone can rock the Wallabees. You have to be very stylish to pull off the look. Unfortunately, Wallabees are not sold in a variety of colors. To coordinate them with your wardrobe, you may need to dye them. The rapper known as Ghostface, admitted he dyes all his Wallabee shoes and boots.

In order to dye Wallabees, you will need:

  • Wallabee shoes or boots
  • Suede Dye
  • Tape
  • Rag
  1. Wallabees are made of a suede-like material. You will need to follow the same process you would when dying any other suede items.
  2. Tape off the rubber sole of the shoe. You want to avoid getting dye on the stitching along the rubber bottom.
  3. Make sure the shoe is clean. It is best to dye a brand new pair of Wallabees. If you are dying a used pair, try using a suede cleaner before beginning the process.
  4. Apply the suede dye to the Wallabees. Suede dye is different than a traditional dye used to dye clothing or other fabrics. It is applied directly to the suede material. No water is needed. Brush on the dye. Be sure to cover the entire Wallabee.
  5. Remove the excess dye. Blot the rag over the Wallabee to remove any excess dye. Allow to dry before wearing.



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