How To Dye Your Goalie Gloves

If you want to learn how to dye your goalie gloves, look no further. Goalkeepers who dye their gloves are usually concerned about how they look as much as their abilities. Yes, some goalkeepers crave for attention when they are on pitches and style their gloves occasionally. If you love fashion and play stylish soccer, you probably want to dye your gloves so that you can change their colors. If you are planning to dye your goalie gloves because you play soccer for a team that is part of an active league, then check out the steps below.

To dye your goalie gloves, you need:

  • cup of salt
  • 1 bottle of dye
  • pot
  • boiling water
  • goalie gloves
  • latex gloves (optional)
  • wooden material
  1. Boil some water in big pot if you want to dye your goalie gloves. Let this pot boil the water for twenty minutes and when you see vaporization taking place, pour a cup of salt in the heated solvent.
  2. After you have added salt to the boiling water to dye your goalie gloves, proceed to the next stage. You will then grab on to your dye to use it. Make sure that you use a dye that is in the form of liquid to aid your dyeing technique. Choose a good color of dye for dyeing your soccer goalie gloves.
  3. Wear some latex gloves if you want to dye your goalie gloves. After protecting your fingers, pour the dye inside the boiling pot. Introduce your goalie gloves to the boiling liquid and stir them with a wooden material for two to four hours. Rinse the gloves afterwards.


  • Effectiveness of the dyeing depends on the materials the gloves are made of.



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