How To Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid

Hair dye can be expensive and permanent, but you can dye your hair with Kool Aid for a fraction of the cost. Kool Aid is a powdered drink mix that comes in many different colors and flavors. The pigments that are in the powder can actually stain your hair between washes. You can dye your hair with Kool Aid in a few simple steps.

You will need:

  • Three to six packs of Kool Aid in desired color
  • Conditioner
  • A glass of water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Towel or old clothes
  • Gloves
  • Tint brush
  • Shower cap
  1. Choose the shade of Kool Aid. Kool Aid comes in almost any color, figure out what is right for you. Reds seem to have more staying power and are more vibrant than many of the other Kool Aid colors. Remember you can always wash the Kool Aid out and dye it a different color later.
  2. Cover your clothes and put gloves on. Dying your hair with Kool Aid can be messy. Kool Aid will not only stain clothing, but it will also stain skin. Wear old clothes or a towel over your clothes while you dye your hair with Kool Aid.
  3. Mix the Kool Aid, some water, and a few drops of conditioner. You want a pasty consistency when you dye your hair with Kool Aid. Only use a small portion of water and a few drops of conditioner to make your dye mixture. The conditioner is used to make a smoother application of your Kool Aid dye.
  4. If you have long hair, part it in sections. This will make it easier to saturate your hair with the Kool Aid paste. Add the Kool Aid root to tip with the tint brush. You want your hair completely saturated with the Kool Aid paste. Avoid getting the mixture on your scalp.
  5. Massage the dye into your hair. This is the most important step when you dye your hair with Kool Aid. If the Kool Aid does not fully saturate your hair, it will wash out or leave the hair with splotches of uneven color. You want the mixture to be just dripping from your hair. You can also use a brush to help evenly coat the hair.
  6. Place the shower cap on and leave it there. Kool Aid will not damage your hair, so it is best to leave it on for up to eight hours or more. The longer you leave it in your hair, the brighter the color may be. If you are worried about the shower cap coming off, secure it with tape.
  7. Wash the Kool Aid paste out. After you are satisfied with the length of time the Kool Aid has been in your hair, just wash it out. Any remaining Kool Aid on the skin should come off with a little scrubbing while you are getting washed up. If you have light hair, expect dramatic results from dying your hair with Kool Aid. If you hair is darker, you may only see a tint. Have fun and feel free to experiment when you dye your hair with Kool Aid.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Kool Aid does stain everything, so be careful.
  • Kool Aid will not damage your hair, so leave it in as long as you like before washing it out.
  • Try mixing more than one color to get a more dramatic result.
  • Your hair will smell like the Kool Aid.
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