How To Dye Your Hockey Goalie Gloves

Need to know how to dye your hockey goalie gloves? Dying your hockey goalie gloves is similar to dying clothing. Just remember that when dying, things may not always go as planned. Your hockey gloves may end up a different color than you intended, or it just may not be what you expected. Here is a guide that will help you prevent these things from happening, by providing you with a few steps to dye your hockey gloves.

To dye your hockey gloves, you will need:
  • Hockey gloves
  • Any color dye
  • Dye fixation
  • Pot and spoon
  • Stove
  1. Wash the hockey goalie gloves. Washing your hockey goalie gloves before dying them helps in the dying process. It allows for the dye to be absorbed into the glove properly.
  2. Choose a dying fixation. There are a variety of fixatives that you can choose from. Place the product on your hockey goalie gloves on a stove top. Add water and let the hockey goalie gloves simmer in the fixative bath for an hour. Make sure that no part of the gloves are visible above the water.
  3. Once an hour has passed wring out the hockey goalie gloves, and set them aside.
  4. Begin the dye bath. The directions for the dye bath vary from package to package. Once you have prepared the bath transfer your hockey goalie gloves to this bath. Let this sit and simmer for one hour then turn the heat down to low.
  5. Check the gloves every ten minutes until you are satisfied with the color. Colors are usual darker when wet, so remember this before you make your final decision.
After you have dyed your hockey goalie gloves, they just need some time to dry before you can put them to good use in no time.
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