How To Easter Egg Hunt

The basic concept of the Easter egg hunt is quite simple. However, there are several variations that you may want to try, particularly for a high school, college or office Easter egg hunt.

To have an Easter egg hunt you will need:

  • eggs (hard boiled or plastic)
  • Easter egg dye
  • prizes
  1. Prepare the eggs for the hunt. Rather than using real eggs–which can easily go bad and can't be prepared far ahead of time, let alone easily offend vegetarians and vegans–opt for plastic eggs. They can be stored and re-used year and year, and you can place fun prizes within them. If it's all-adult Easter egg hunt, you can have some fun with what you place within the eggs, in order to get laughs out of the recipients. Just be sure to keep it group-appropriate.
  2. On the day of the Easter egg hunt, the faux eggs should then be hidden in a yard, field or home. Any place can really be used as your canvas. If kids are involved, make sure to kid-proof both the location and what you put in the eggs. Very small children should not participate in the main contest. Larger eggs that are safe and can't be placed in mouths should be arranged for them.
  3. Welcome the group of people who will be doing the search. It's usually kids, but it can be any group of people. They then go looking ("hunting") for the eggs.
  4. Traditionally, the person who gets the most eggs wins a prize. If it's a contest with children, though, there should at least be enough small prizes to go around for all, or you'll be dealing with some sad, screaming and disappointed kids on Easter Sunday. If it's an adult Easter egg contest, gift cards, lottery tickets and award coupons are usually most appreciated.
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