How To Eat Beets Without Losing The Vitamins

Learn how to eat beets without losing the vitamins to realize the greatest possible benefit from this healthy vegetable. Beets provide a carbohydrate boost and almost no fat, along with plenty of different vitamins and minerals. Beets even contain folic acid, an important component in the diets of all pregnant women to lower the risk of neural tube defects in their unborn children. They even improve liver health and may help prevent cancer and slow the growth of cancerous tumors. However, to gain all these wonderful benefits from beets, you must know how to prepare them without losing all these important nutrients and substances contained in this brightly colored little vegetable.

  1. Try juicing to eat beets without losing the vitamins. Juicing is quite popular and may well be the answer for people looking to eat beets which still contain their nutrient content. Try mixing with other vegetables to create a milder, pleasant taste.
  2. Buy fresh beets. Regardless of how carefully you plan to prepare or eat beets without losing the vitamins, you won't be getting the full benefit if you don't start with fresh produce. Farmer's markets offer a great opportunity for those looking to purchase fresh, nutrient-rich beets at a reasonable cost.
  3. Wash your vegetables. On the other hand, don't submerge them. Water leaches vitamins and minerals from vegetables, beets included. To eat your beets without losing vitamins, you must be careful not to lose them in this preparation stage.
  4. Eat beets without losing vitamins by steaming. Buy a steamer at a local store; they come in small and large sizes to accommodate different sized pots. Add a little water under the steamer, place the beets on top of the steamer and you'll have delicious cooked beets in just a few minutes that have many more nutrients than those boiled directly water.
  5. Add beets to other recipes. To eat beets without losing the vitamins, try using them as additions to a salad or stir-fry. Raw beets in salads and those only slightly cooked in a stir-fry will maintain all or most of their vitamins.


The more water exposure beets get, the more vitamins will be removed from the vegetable. If you choose to boil beets in a pot of water, consider using the water as a base for soups, stews or other recipes to regain some of those lost vitamins and minerals.


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