How To Eat Cheap In Vegas

If you are going to explore Sin City on a budget, you'll want to learn how to eat cheap in Vegas. Las Vegas is known as many things to many people. People come there for entertainment, partying and gambling. If you want to save your money for the slot machines, watch your wallet elsewhere, especially when it comes to dining.

  1. You want to look at the coupons that often come with your paperwork when you check in at your Las Vegas hotel. If you're staying in a casino, you're usually given coupons to enjoy within the casino. Many casinos host various types of restaurants, and you can save perhaps even hundreds of dollars by using those coupons. Don't be afraid of looking cheap in a nice restaurant. Las Vegas tourists often use coupons. Just remember to tip the waiter 20 percent based on the original cost of the bill, before the coupon was applied.
  2. Eat cheap off the Las Vegas Strip, unless you have a coupon. Eateries are more expensive on the strip, as it's the place for tourists, and restaurant owners know that tourists will often spend top dollar on a great meal, since they're on vacation. Be wise like the locals; find inexpensive eateries off the strip.
  3. Try the buffet if you want to eat cheap at a casino without a coupon. The buffet is typically a great deal. You can eat all you want, get really full and enjoy the beverage refills as well. Take your time at a buffet. Enjoy the company of your fellow vacationers, while you eat cheap. The same food that you get in a restaurant may be available for less in the casino buffet. Don't forget dessert.
  4. Take advantage of free food (the ultimate way to eat cheap) by joining the clubs at many of the hotels. They offer free cards for playing the slot machines. Not only will a card keep track of your wins, but it will help you to get coupons and savings on other aspects of the casino that you enjoy, such as rides and restaurants.
  5. Eat very late or very early. Many Las Vegas restaurants offer graveyard specials. Because it's Las Vegas, many eateries are obliged to stay open all night. However, they aren't crowded at those times. To attract customers, they offer incredible deals at these hours. Go out late to eat cheap and well on a budget at some of the nicer Las Vegas restaurants.
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