How To Eat Chinese Street Food Safely

How to eat Chinese street food safely is something that a lot of tourists have wondered. Chinese street food can be deadly. The water in China can be contaminated with a variety of waterborne illnesses and deadly chemicals.  There is no sure fire way to know what food is contaminated and what foods aren’t but there are some guidelines you can use.

Things you will need:

  • Ciproflaxin
  1. Choose only vendors close to hotels and tourist areas. Some vendors sell foods that are illegal. Some illegal foods are illegal because they make people sick or may contain poisons if not cooked properly. Some examples are scorpions, and cobra.  These foods must be cooked properly or they can be deadly. Choosing where you eat is the most critical part of how to eat Chinese street food safely. Vendors selling illegal foods aren’t allowed in tourist areas.
  2. Don’t eat foods made in tap water. A great example of this type of food is tea eggs. These are eggs that are boiled in tea. They look like eggs in a black liquid. These may taste great but eat them in your hotel. If you eat them on the street, the water may be tap water or even worse – river water. River water in China may contain raw sewage. This could give you dysentery.
  3. Don’t eat foods with undercooked meat. This is something you should do in every country and Chinese street food is no exception. Undercooked meats can be deadly as parasites and microbes can cause terrible and life-threatening infections.
  4. Don’t eat foods that are banned by health authorities. Some foods will be banned during certain parts of the year because of contamination. An example of this in Chinese street food is paralytic shellfish contamination also known as the red tide. These tides happen all over the planet and eating shellfish during these periods can cause death. Before you eat street food, ask a guide about banned foods for the time of year of your visit.
  5. If you get sick, take your Ciproflaxin.This is a critical piece in the puzzle. Ciproflaxin will often stop a small food infection from getting worse. Take it at the first sign of trouble. Please remember that many leafy vegetables grown in Asia are grown using manure, which can spread fecal-related illnesses. Leafy vegetables must be thoroughly washed with uncontaminated water.

You have completed the basics of how to eat Chinese street food safely. These are some basic and rather general guidelines on the topic. Please remember that street food in general is not well controlled in most countries, and that you eat at your own risk.



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