How To Eat With Fork And Knife

How to eat with fork and knife suddenly becomes a huge question mark when you're surrounded by plates, glasses, big forks, little forks, three pronged forks, big spoons, round spoons and little spoons. Does this remind you of the scene in the movie "Titanic" where Jack sits down at the formal dinner party as his reward for rescuing Rose?  If so, do what he did and use common sense and you'll be able to eat properly with fork and knife.

  1. Use the utensil for the purpose it was created for. When you eat with fork and knife, keep the purpose in mind. Okay some of the purposes are a little obscure, like why does that spoon look flat and have holes in it?  FYI: it's to serve pickles and let the pickle juice drain out.
  2. Forks are made to carry food from the plate to your mouth. Stab the food on the tines or use the tines to scoop up the food (think mashed potatoes.)  Spoons carry liquids. Knifes are made to cut food. Do not use a knife to carry food to your mouth. That's an important lesson in how to eat with fork and knife. 
  3. Hold the knife in your right hand. Secure the food you are cutting with the fork. Slice off just enough for a mouthful, a small mouthful. Put the knife down across the plate, the blade facing you. Switch the fork to your right hand and use it to pick up the food you just cut and carry it to your mouth.
  4. Repeat the process for the next bite. Or learn how to eat with fork and knife like a European. Keep the fork in your left hand and knife in your right. Cut off a piece of food and use the fork to carry it to your mouth in your left hand. In other words don't put the knife down and switch the fork from the left hand to the right between bites.
  5. Lay the utensils across the plate with the blade of the knife facing you when you are finished eating. Now, it wasn't so hard to learn how to eat with fork and knife.
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