How To Eat A Girl Out Properly

If you want to be a true Casanova in the sack, you’ve got to know how to eat a girl out properly. It’s a skill that every guy should have. After all, what we give is pretty much equal to what we can expect in return. This guide will help you win infatuation from girls, or at least their vaginas, consistently.

  1. Try not to jump the gun. When things heat up and you really get going, it can be hard to hold back. But, one of the most important aspects of eating a girl out correctly is to know when to do it. It takes most girls at least ten or fifteen minutes of foreplay to be primed for pleasure.
  2. Start at the top. Try kissing her ear and neck softly first. These two spots are some of the most sensitive places on her body. They’ll get her squirming in anticipation. Remember, though, to keep it light and playful. No girl likes a tongue in her ear canal.
  3. Get ready to work your way down. From her neck, drift down to her breasts and nipples. Use your tongue softly to stimulate them, gently increasing pressure over time. Move down to her stomach, her pelvic area and her inner thighs. Hitting all of these spots before actually going down on her will build up the tension until she can barely stand it.
  4. When you get to no man’s land, start with broad, soft strokes. Lick her labia, or outer vaginal lips, with slow light strokes from a flat tongue. Continue to intermittently kiss her inner thighs. Eating a girl out is all about the buildup. She should be ready to burst by the time you get down to business.
  5. Find her clitoris, and go to work. The clitoris is basically a woman’s orgasm machine. It’s a densely packed bundle of nerves tucked away discreetly at the top of her vaginal opening. To stimulate it, suck it into your mouth softly and move across it in different directions with quick, darting motions from your tongue. Add a bit of pressure from your tongue as you go.
  6. Find what’s doing the trick, and stick with it. When her legs start intermittently shaking and she’s pushing your head into yourself, you know you’re doing it right. Keep that technique up, whether it’s moving across or around the clitoris, until she reaches orgasm. Then, gloat.
  7. If you’re having any trouble, just talk to her. Every woman is different when it comes to sex. So eating one out, of course, is going to be different every time. If you’re having trouble getting her engine started, just ask her what she likes. She’ll appreciate your caring, and will probably tell you straight away.
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