How To Eat To Lose Weight

Knowing how to eat to lose weight can be a culinary adventure as well as challenge. In beginning a health regimen, it's important to select a food plan that is appealing and can be followed successfully. Eating to lose weight can be temporary as a diet, but studies show that dieting seldom works over the long term. If you're eating to lose weight, consider a flexible food plan that can vary over time, but also serves as maintenance in a healthy lifestyle. A great food plan leaves the body feeling nourished, eliminates unhealthy cravings and presents a balanced state of mind as well as losing the unwanted weight. 

  1. Drink your way to losing weight. Eating to lose weight includes a sufficient intake of liquids especially clear clean water. Eight glasses of water or approximately 64 ounces is recommended to keep the body fluid. Water also washes out unhealthy toxins that can add to water and weight gain. Add green tea as another potent liquid in eating to lose weight
  2. Rethink breakfast. Instead of eating bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and home fries, have a piece of fresh fruit and whole cereal. Fresh pears contain fiber that can help with elimination. Studies show consistently eating one half of grapefruit with breakfast achieved gradual weight loss over a three month period. Combined with high fiber cereal or a protein rich poached or scrambled egg, a healthy breakfast can assist in eating to lose weight. 
  3. Soup and salads are another way of eating of to lose weight. Instead of restricting soup and salad to side dishes, try increasing the amounts of soup and salad before the main meal. Clear broths such as consommes or vegetable heavy soups such as cabbage soup  fills the body. Large leafy salads contain important nutrients such as Vitamin C and folic acid as well as also satisfying hunger cravings. Both of these foods, soups and salads, will trigger natural weight loss. Power up the meal by adding a simple salad dressing with fresh herbs, olive oil and vinegar which are all weight loss inducing foods.
  4. Use lean beef and beans as way of eating to lose weight. Along with eggs, the ingredient leucine, contained also in lean beef is shown to help lose weight. Beans, high in fiber which can reduce cholesterol, contain a natural natural appetite suppressant. Include tofu, a soybean based product as a meat substitute. Naturally light and yet filling, tofu can used in a variety of ways. Avoid fatty beans such as pinto or large northern white beans. Use instead black beans, lentils or chickpeas and get creative with ethnic recipes that can also include the lean beef as well as tofu.     
  5. Spice it up as way to eat to lose weight. Spices such as cayenne, cinnamon and turmeric  are natural weight suppressants assisting in losing weight naturally. Include cayenne in Latin or Asian inspired recipes, or drink a chai tea with a stick of cinnamon, while turmeric can be included in bean dishes as way to integrate the spices.     
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