How To Eat With No Money

How to eat with no money you ask? It’s possible; if you do some research you will find a plethora of opportunities. You may have to put forth some extra effort to learn how to eat with no money, but your extra effort will net you exactly what you need. Some of the opportunities are more “desirable” than others, but we will let you be the judge of that. The point is, if you want to know how to eat with no money, we are going to arm you with enough information to do just that.

There are more than a few places where people can obtain food to eat, in a clean and safe manner. We’ll show you how.

  1. Coupons offering free food. Search “free food” online and get the location of restaurants that offer free food. There was once a Subway-style restaurant offering a free sandwich. Recently, Boston Market and KFC had give-aways-the line was around the block- but it was a free meal.
  2. Pay attention to commercials. Some fast food restaurants (the one with golden arches) have also given away a cup of coffee free. When they introduce a new food item, they sometimes give a coupon to get the item free.
  3. Large grocery chains have weekly samples prepared in the store. In some areas where this happens, there’s often enough food to have lunch. Believe it or not, sometimes they even have vitamins. Another great way to eat and save the money!
  4. Local churches often provide food and or meals. A church will sometimes serve a complete meal to anyone who comes, and these meals are delicious, nutritionally balanced, and complete with beverage and dessert. Many of the people who come have little or no money, and they bring their entire family to eat lunch in a clean, nice environment.
  5. Local food banks. Most do not require you to have any money; there are a few that sell the food at reduced prices. There are also food pantries, some set up at local charitable organizations or churches.  Basically, you take boxes and bags and shop for your groceries. You don't need money, but you cannot eat at the location.
  6. Social events. Grand openings, open house events, and customer appreciation events are just a few places to go to eat with no money. These events offer food to draw a crowd, and everyone likes free food.
  7. Fishing and hunting. Another great way to eat with no money.
  8. Simply ask. Rather than going through the dumpster, ask the store manager for the food they are going to discard.
  9. Your children can eat with no money every day. Contact grade schools and high schools your children attend and apply for free lunch. If they don't qualify for free lunch, they may qualify for reduced lunch which is far less money than you would spend if you made the lunch.
  10. Eat with no money at work. Most restaurants offer employees one free meal per shift. When you work a "double", you eat twice with no money.
  11. Family gatherings. Don't pass on an invitation to a friend's or family's if they are getting together. You may be passing on an opportunity to eat, and of course, you may also be offered a plate to take home for later. 
  12. United Way. This national organization is one of many that offers help to people who have little or no money.
  13. Shelters or soup kitchens. Yet another option to eat with no money; however, the environment may be a bit different from the other options. Some shelters offer more than something to eat, they offer a place to sleep as well. Many even provide you with clothing and food vouchers when you leave.
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