How To Eat A Salad In France

If you wonder why how to eat a salad in France presents an unusual discussion, it is because the salad is eaten after the main course instead of before it.  The latter is the popular custom in the United States and some other countries.  What are the reasons for the way people in France eat salad?

  1. The ritualistic way to eat the main meal of the day in most countries is soup, fish, poultry, meat, dessert. 
  2. Salad is eaten at the end of the main course in France, usually with cheese.  Then you sit awhile before you have dessert.  
  3. One reason for eating salad  this way is that salad is a palate cleanser.  
  4. Another reason is that eating protein beforehand makes digestion more efficient since your stomach acids are more concentrated.  
  5. The particular type of vinegar used in French and Italian salad dressing is natural and derived from soured wine.  It contains live bacteria and yeasts that aid in food digestion. 
  6. Tomatoes in salad, for instance, are sweet, as are many of the dressings that are put on the salads. 
  7. Salads are filling and do not contain many calories if you watch what type of dressing you put on top of it. 
  8. Yet another reason is that salad can thus curb your sweet tooth and make you less likely to want a large portion of dessert. 
  9. This method is also a way to watch your diet because you should be able to reduce your sweet cravings.   You can have only a small nibble of that chocolate cake or other dessert. 
  10. In France, after a huge midday meal, the country comes to a stop, takes a siesta, and wakes between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. 

Although a restaurant may want to serve your salad first, you can set it aside and have it the way the French advocate eating the salad  after your main meal.

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