How To Eat Sunflower Seeds

If you are a fan of snacking on the go, you need to know how to eat sunflower seeds. You can find sunflower seeds at any outdoor sporting event, convenience food store or supermarket. Many people eat sunflower seeds during a road trip to stay awake and help pass the time.

  1. Choose a sunflower seed flavor. All sunflower seeds taste the same on the inside, but there are seasonings added to the shells of the seeds. Some common flavors include ranch, BBQ and lime.
  2. Find somewhere to put the shells. Because you don't eat sunflower seed shells, you need to find somewhere to put them. If you are at an outdoor sporting event, it may be okay to just throw the seeds on the ground at the stadium. If you are traveling in the car, you want to have a cup or bag to put the sunflower seed shells in.
  3. Place a sunflower seed into your mouth. Many people choose to suck the flavor off before proceeding with the next step.
  4. Using your teeth, crack the sunflower seed shell. Move the shell around in your mouth and use your tongue to remove the inner seed. This is the part that you actually eat. If you haven't had sunflower seeds before, you may need to take it out and use your fingers to pry open the shell. Spit the shell into your cup or remove the shell from your mouth will your hands.
  5. Eventually, once you get the hang of how to eat sunflower seeds, you can place a handful of them in your mouth. Work on them one at a time and remove the smaller inner seed to eat while spitting out the outer shell.
Many people learn how to eat sunflower seeds while hanging out with friends, attending some type of outdoor event or heading out on a road trip.
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