How To Eat Tapas

If you love Spanish cuisine, you will want to know how to eat tapas. These appetizer-like foods consist of small portions and typically are served on tiered plates. This handy custom enables diners to order several dishes simultaneously. Tapas are a wonderful way to enjoy centuries-old Spanish culture while filling your belly with flavorful foods consisting of olives, vegetables, seafood, nuts, cheese and salads.

  1. Choose tapas from across the menu. Knowing how to eat tapas means infusing your palate with sweet, spicy, garlicky, smoky and cheesy. Variety is the spice of life at a tapas bar.
  2. Place your order. Once you get past choosing, you are halfway through knowing how to eat tapas. The most difficult aspect is figuring out which ones to select. If you absolutely cannot decide, ask your server for suggestions. Tapas servers are well-versed in helping customers choose based on your preferences.
  3. Share with your guests. Tapas are fun to eat so be generous and share as this is part of the secret to eating tapas. Besides, it's sexy for your date to hover over a tapas plate with you.
  4. Drink wine. Consuming wine with your meal is part of know how to eat tapas. If you're not a wine connoisseur, ask your server to help out. In most cases, dry wines or spring water work well as they clear your palate.
  5. Enjoy the food. Tapas menus can be overwhelming-this is another secret of knowing how to eat tapas. Remember that each plate is small and you can always order more. Also, let loose and relax. You're out on the town for a night with your main squeeze, so go with the flow. If you aren't keen on a dish, try another.
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