How To Eat With A Tongue Ring

So you went and got a new piercing, and now you need to know how to eat with a tongue ring. Most people who get tongue rings are in their teens or twenties, and have no idea what type of annoyances they will endure once the tongue is pierced. The most difficult thing about having a tongue ring, is not the pain involved in the piercing, but the aftercare and ongoing difficulties with speaking, and worst of all eating. But with practice, and a lot of patience, eating with a tongue ring can become an annoyance of the past.

  1. Get used to your new piercing. On the very first day your tongue is pierced, it won't hurt, so you will be fiddling with it, moving it around too much, and getting used to it being in your mouth. Don't do this! You will aggravate the sensitive tissue, and the following morning have a huge blown up bloated tongue. If this happens, talking and eating will be very difficult!
  2. Next word of advice is to chew very, very slowly. You not only could bite your tongue, but you could accidentally bite down on the tongue ring, which will cause chipped teeth. You're tongue ring may look cool, but you will look like a fool with a chipped tooth. So chew very slowly, at least during the first few weeks.
  3. Stick to soft foods. Hard crunchy foods will be difficult to chew on, and again, you do not want to bite down on your tongue ring. Soft foods would include yogurts, ice cream, puddings, etc. Avoid cereals, and other harder crunchy food items.
  4. Always clean out your mouth after eating. Brush your teeth slowly, and use a mouthwash afterward. You do not want any food to stick to the fresh piercing, otherwise you could risk infection.
  5. Follow instructions. Always make sure you follow the directions given to you by your piercer. Most piercers will provide you will aftercare remedies and tips on how and what to eat those first few days. Make sure you follow them as directed in order to avoid any infections, or complications as your tongue piercing heals.
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