How To Eat A Vagina

How to eat a vagina is a matter of technique and strong listening skills. Eating a vagina or cunnilingus is the performance by a male of orally pleasing a woman. Note the word, pleasing. Eating a vagina is about pleasing her. Eating a vagina will either bring her to climax or get her aroused. Cunnilingus or as it is known by its hundred or so affectionate slang terms is a very intimate act. Certainly, eating a vagina can be nothing more than a crude sex act but for this article, no. This article will concentrate on the intimacy and end goal of eating a vagina, where satisfaction is the desired outcome. Eating a vagina is a skill not a duty. Eating a vagina of someone you are “in to” should not be taken lightly. Let’s face it, we all like a good blow job, so what makes it different for her? Eating a vagina should be a willing act because if it is your performance will reflect it.

What you will need:

  • Yes, you guessed it a vagina
  • Flavored gels if you’d like
  • An eager and willing mouth (for your sake, your own)


  1. Eating a vagina never starts there, foreplay should always be on the agenda. Begin this adventure with some heavy or light petting. Hand roaming is always good as well. If you and she is so inclined mix in some finger action with her vagina.
  2. Once the panties are off and she is eager for action, oblige her. Eating her vagina should be approached with care. As mentioned above, listen and feel her reaction to your attention. These are key components to her satisfaction. Mind your hands as well, caressing the thigh and belly, even pinching her nipples or squeezing her breasts play into eating her vagina.
  3. Using your tongue, gently lick her clitoris (hood above her hole). Flatten your tongue as you lick with the occasional tip flick. Massage her gently and then harder by pushing the tongue firmly against her clit. You may also mix in gentle nibbles and sucking her clit into your mouth.
  4. Once she is good and primed, you can work the tempo. Also, place your tongue into her hole from time to time. Here is where your attention to her reaction and vocal coaching comes into play. Women will either increase their moaning when pleased or ask you to do something. Listen to her and do not be insulted. If she asks for it harder, not to bite, then do as she asks, these are all keys to your success and her pleasure.
  5. Always remember, this is for her pleasure. If done properly and her satisfaction is met, you will still reap the benefits of great sex or oral reciprocation.
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