How to Eat When Losing Weight

It's time to learn how to eat when losing weight since you've finally decided those extra pounds have got to go. No more excuses: it's time to trim down and tone up. Say goodbye to junk food and hello to healthy eating. Use the 50-25-25 rule when losing weight.

Take a good hard look at the food you put on your plate if you are committed to losing weight.. 50% of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. And no, French fries don't count as a veggie. Divide your plate into quarters. Fill two of the quarters, or 50%, with a salad, leafy greens, carrots or whatever vegetables are your favorite. No cheating by spreading the lettuce leaves out to cover more space.

Fill 25% of the plate with complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat bread, couscous, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, beans, or–as a special treat–white potatoes. Complex carbohydrates are key to eat when losing weight. They take longer to digest, so you feel fuller longer.

Leave 25% of the plate for a lean protein such as chicken, turkey, fish or lean red meat. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can pile up the meat higher than the vegetables and still stick to the 50-25-25 rule. Another factor when learning how to eat when losing weight is to know what a portion size is.  The standard portion for meat is between three to four ounces. That's about the size of a deck of playing cards.

Avoid fast food places. That's another tip on how to eat when losing weight. If that's not possible always order a salad and never order fried foods. Order ice tea or plain water instead of a sugary soft drink. Select the baked chicken sandwich without mayonnaise but extra tomatoes. The tomatoes count as a serving of veggies and will moisten the sandwich.

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