How To Edit Color Spectrum On Movie Maker

To learn how to edit the color spectrum in Windows Movie Maker, you need to go deeper than the usual user interface and create your own custom effect. Movie Maker has the capacity to edit color in your video clips, but the default "Hue Cycle" is far from pleasing and can't be set to stay on one color. A vast catalogue of user-created custom effects let you edit the color spectrum in a variety of ways.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer with Windows Movie Maker software
  1. Create a folder for the effect. Browse to Movie Maker's installation pathway on your hard drive (probably "ProgramFiles/MovieMaker") and open the "Shared" folder. Create a new folder titled "AddOnTFX" with the exact capitalizations.
  2. Find the effect code. Effects are written in a programming language that is interpreted by Movie Maker. Repositories of effect code are online at the Movie Maker Forums and sample effects can also be found at the Microsoft Download Center. Several variants exist in a color spectrum editor. Copy the code of the desired effect to Clipboard by highlighting the text and pressing "Ctl+C."
  3. Create an XML file. Open Notepad and past the code into an empty document. Save the document as an XML file by manually changing the file extension to ".xml." Place the new XML file in the "AddOnTFX" folder.
  4. Open Movie Maker. When the program starts, it will note the new effect and add it to the effects tab in the left pane. Drag the effect over the desired clip to change the clip's color properties.

Once the color spectrum effect is working, you can use the same XML process to create additional effects that go beyond Movie Maker's default configuration. With custom effects, the basic editing program becomes a fully featured movie creating tool.

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