How To Edit An EPG File

Need to learn how to edit an EPG file? We can explain exactly what you need to do to edit the file. EPG is a type of format files can be saved in, if you choose. The acronym EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. The format is used to support linux and analog television. It is used in conjunction with Avicap software. It is recommended that you have a general knowledge of the configuring and editing files and formats.

In order to edit EPG files, you will need:

  • Avicap
  • Computer
  • EPG file
  1. Download Avicap. Avicap is used for video processing. It is a module containing the functions that allow you to capture videos from web cameras. It allows you to store the videos into a format for viewing or editing later. Visit the Avicap website to install. You may see a warning about the security. 
  2. Download and install the nxtvepg package. Make sure your TV card is configured properly. Once installed, nxtvepg will begin searching for EPG providers. The process may take a while.
  3. Click on Electronic Program Guide, located in the Avicap menu. This opens up the EPG module. Your EPG module will run.
  4. Set the EPG xml filename to the xml data provider of your choice. The provider can be selected from the list formatted in step two. In the module, click the edit regexps to change the features. Open the EPGUI.config file. Right click to edit. You may want to try using a UNIX compatible text editor to edit the file.
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