How To Edit A Pdf

PDF files are relatively easy to create. Any number of programs can read them now. What is not so easy is figuring out how to edit the program. However, a person simply needs to get a desktop publishing program and he can edit the contents of his PDF file to his heart's content. At least he can edit the file assuming the creators has not locked it.

Things you will need to edit a PDF file:

  • Scribus, Wordperfect, or the upgraded version of Adobe Acrobat
  1. Download the Scribus PDF editor. Scribus is an open source application that gives a person the full features of older programs such as Adobe Pagemaker. The upgraded version of Acrobat lets the users edit PDFs. Wordperfect allows limited options
  2. Open Scribus. Select open from the file menu. Find your PDF file. The graphical user interfaces of modern operating systems use remarkably similar directory structures, or at least make them look the same. The file systems are quite different, but not important to the average user. Select the file you want to edit.
  3. Select the appropriate tool for your PDF editing needs. A desktop publishing program lets a person resize photoes, change font sizes, and edit the text. The user cannot edit the photos themselves, but he can control the layout of the page in a desktop publishing program quite easily. The open source Scribus application is deceptively powerful.
  4. Save the edits you make. The PDF edits you choose to make are your decision. When you are done with the desktop publishing software session, save your work.  
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