How To Edit Stronghold 2

FireFly's "Stronghold 2" PC game includes a map editor program that makes it easy to know how to edit Stronghold 2 scenarios and landscapes. The software lets users edit existing Stronghold maps, or create entirely new areas from scratch for single-player and mutiplayer battles. It includes all the basic Stronghold terrain and building options for complete control of a map.

  1. Open the Map Editor from the "Stronghold 2" installation directory. Click on the "Kingmaker," "War Custom," "Peace Custom" or "Free Build" button, depending on which type of scenario you wish to edit. To edit an existing Stronghold map, click "Load" and navigate to the map's saved file on the hard drive. Click "Edit" to start working.
  2. Click the forest and building icons in the right hand section of the button frame to switch between castle editing and landscape editing. Each mode fills the toolbars with different corresponding functions.
  3. Click a sub-section button to the right of the mini-map to sort the editing buttons into groups. These groups include "Castle Structures" and "Industries" for castle editing mode, and "Terrain Height" and "Water" for landscape editing mode.
  4. Click on a specific terrain feature or building component in the central toolbar and click on the map to place it. Click and hold to paint the feature over the landscape. Use this technique to build long walls or fill in an area with water.
  5. Save the map to the "Maps" folder located inside the "Stronghold 2" installation directory. Start "Stronghold 2" and select the mode corresponding to the edited map. The new map will appear in the list of available play areas.
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