How Effective Is Birth Control

Find out how effective is birth control so you are aware of the level of protection you are using. There are a few different forms of birth control, and they all have slightly different levels of effectiveness. It's extremely important to learn about your options using birth control if you are planning on being sexually active. Remember, birth control is mostly meant to keep from getting pregnant, not to protect against getting an STD. Find out what you can use and what is going to be the best option for you.

Using birth control The pill is the most common form of birth control simply because it's the easiest to use in some ways. Your girlfriend has to take a prescribed pill once everyday. It's near 100 percent effective if she never misses a pill. For those who are mostly good about taking their pill but forget here and there (not that often), the rate of effectiveness is about 92 percent.

A simple condom Condoms are easy to get access to and some men like to use them because they are good at the spur of the moment. There is really no planning with them. When a guy puts the condom on properly (no rips, stretching or breaking), a condom is about 98 percent effective. For the guys out there that aren't more precise about getting the condom on (which is more typical since it's difficult to be diligent with a condom when you're being intimate) the protection rate is closer to 85 percent. Condoms can have tears and breaks as mentioned which drops the rate down a bit.

Withdrawal Using this method of birth control is very, very difficult and takes a lot of self control. You pull yourself out of her just before you feel yourself about to ejaculate. A lot of men don't have the ability to do this since you are in the peak of excitement. If you do manage do this it is 96 percent effective. For the rest of the male population who probably slips while trying withdrawal or pulling out, the effectiveness is more like 73 percent as a form of birth control. You also run the risk of pre-ejaculatory fluid getting out before you ejaculate and your pre-fluid can also get her pregnant. Just something to keep in mind.

Abstinence We all know about this form of birth control, but many of those who would rather be sexually active don't tend to use it. If you listened to TV too much, you'd be in trouble thinking there is almost no abstinence. Surprisingly, there are actually people out there using abstinence as a form of birth control. More widely used forms of birth control are the pill, condoms and pulling out. We all know abstinence is 100 percent effective – yet it's not practiced a whole lot.



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