How Effective Is Grapefruit Juice And Bacon Diet?

Are you wondering how effective the grapefruit juice and bacon diet is?  Are your main considerations based just on the amount of weight you may lose or the health benefits of such a diet?

The grapefruit juice diet itself has been around for a number of years, since the 1950’s.  It is considered an easy diet to follow.  Most of these types of diets will consist of you simply drinking a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice with a meal that mainly consists of proteins.

What about adding bacon to your grapefruit juice diet?  Is this an effective aide?

Overall, bacon isn’t the most wise health choice.  Yet, it does have flavor and when you are on a diet, you do begin to miss some of those flavors you love.  When it comes right down to the question of the effectives of adding bacon to your grapefruit juice diet, you need to honestly answer these questions:

  • How often do you plan on incorporating bacon into your meals?
  • What type of bacon do you plan on eating?
  • How much bacon do you plan on eating?

If you plan on eating bacon only a couple times a week for breakfast, it may work into your diet plan. Of course, the best choice would be turkey bacon.  Real bacon contains a lot of fat, sodium and a lot of other chemicals that can raise your cholesterol levels.  Plus, bacon has been known to cause migraines in some people.  You should also keep your serving size to a typical one, which is one ounce.

If you do not go overboard on the healthiest bacon choices, it may be a nice treat or aide in which you can add to your grapefruit juice diet, on occasion.  Now the ultimate question, can you lose weight on this grapefruit juice and bacon diet?

The grapefruit juice diet or grapefruit diet is the center of a number of many popular diets, such as the Atkins Diet. These diet plans say that you can lose up to 10 pounds in twelve days.  If you wish to lose more than ten pounds, it is advised that you stop the diet for a couple of days and then resume once again for up to twelve days.

The drawback of this diet, and many other diets, is that you soon will probably become tried of the taste of grapefruit juice and even bacon. Thus, you will want to return to the foods you love.  When this happens, you are bound to begin gaining any weight you may have lost.  The only way you can stop this from happening is to learn to eat at a more controlled pace and add more exercise to your routine.  If you can do these two tasks, as you are attempting the grapefruit juice and bacon diet for the first time, it may work in helping you lose those first few pounds quicker.



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