How To Ejaculate Farther

If you'd like to learn how to cum like porn-star Peter North, use these tips on how to ejaculate farther.  In this article, we will explain simple exercises that will strengthen the penis and increase sperm volume, which makes it easy to ejaculate farther.  You'll also be surprised at which food you can eat to make your sperm lightweight enough to shoot further.

Things needed to ejaculate farther:

  • Celery
  • Practice
  • Abstinence
  • Kegels
  • A partner

How to ejaculate farther:

  1. Eat celery.  Porn star Peter North, also known as 'The Cumshot Legend', can ejaculate farther than virtually any other porn star in the business.  His secret?  He eats celery!  Celery is a lightweight water-based food that liquifies the semen and increases the volume.  Eat a lot of celery for several days before you have sex, and the day of sex, and you'll notice a significant improvement on your ability to ejaculate farther.
  2. Kegels.  When a man performs kegels, he strengthens the PC muscle (a series of ligaments located inside the penis) which makes it easier to prevent premature ejaculation, and your ability to literally 'push out' your cum to ejaculate further.  To perform kegels, stand in front of the toilet and begin urinating.  STOP midflow and hold it in—this is the precise exercise you will need to perform anytime you'll want to perform kegels.  Do them several times a day (but not in front of the toilet every time) to strengthen the muscle and improve your sexual performance.
  3. Abstinence.  When a man has sex frequently, the volume of his semen is compromised.  If you want to learn how to ejaculate farther, start by decreasing the amount of sex you have.  Do not masturbate or have sex for a week.  When you finally have it, your ejaculate will have built up tremendously and your orgasm will be more powerful and shoot further.
  4. Stop and start.  Instead of ejaculating the very first time you feel the sensation, hold it in and stop completely.  When you feel the urge to come, pull out and squeeze the head of your penis firmly and hold until the urge dissipates.  Begin sex again and repeat the process.  When you finally allow yourself to come, the ejaculate will have built up and it will ejaculate farther and provide a more powerful orgasm.

For best results combine several of the tips listed above to ejaculate further and harder than ever before.  Both you and your lover will be pleasantly surprised with the results 


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