How To Ejaculate Faster

Want to know how to ejaculate faster? You can still enjoy the sensations that build up to an orgasm even if you want to ejaculate faster. Read on for some tips on how to do this.

  1. Masturbate to give yourself a fast release. Fantasize, watch a video or look at pictures to get turned on. Use a water based or oil lubricant, and squeeze your butt muscles. Stroke your penis under the head a fast as you can. You will be sure to ejaculate faster using this method.
  2. Foreplay with your partner can be a turn on,and can help you ejaculate faster. Sweet words, talking dirty, touching and heavy petting can get you worked up and increase your desire to ejaculate faster. Once you are in the actual act of sexual intercourse or oral sex, you will be at the point of release.
  3. Have a quickie with your partner. Spontaneity, the feeling of getting caught, or the desire for your partner may be so strong that the rush may just cause you to ejaculate faster. Try meeting your partner on your lunch break or rush home after work. The build up of desire throughout the day will cause you to want to ejaculate as quickly as possible.
  4. Men are visual. If strip clubs, lap dances or a little strip tease from your partner turns you on to the point of no return, then enjoy yourself and let the anticipation build. Give yourself a hand job or have someone else do it while you are being visually stimulated. This will be double the pleasure.
  5. Spend some time alone or with your partner and experiment. Try fun and pleasurable things with toys, food, feathers, erotic stories or touching. All things that turn you on and can help you ejaculate faster should be tried. Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, then go for it. It doesn’t take much to get to the brink of release.
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