How To Ejaculate Further

If you want to master the art of ejaculation, then you need to know how to hold ejaculation further. How you not experiencing enough sensation when you are ejaculating? It is a fact, having a greater organism would increase your pleasure during sex. While some people want you to believe that you can only achieve further ejaculation if you buy their overpriced programs, we want to tell you that you can do it with these few and priceless steps.

  1. Exercise your PC muscles. Just like going to the gym to get bulkier muscle, you need to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. They are around your testicles, penis, and anus. A simple exercise would be the peeing exercise. When you pee, pee in small amount at a time. Hold the pee, and then let it go, then relax. Continue this exercise until you dried up. It is simple and fun, to a certain degree. Over time, you will be able to hold ejaculation further.
  2. Try breathing exercise. Breathing correctly during sex will definitely help to hold ejaculation further. The next time you have sex, right before you want to ejaculate, you need to slow down a bit, then do several deep breath through the nose, then let the air out from your mouse. When you are doing it, make sure that you keep the noise level to a minimal. It can be quite a turn off for your partner.
  3. Proper nutrients are the key. Sex is very physically demanding. You will need to get proper nutrition if you want to hold ejaculation further. Essential amino acids such as L-Arginine and L-Lysine, are very important to your body. Also, minerals such as zinc have also shown to prove sexual performances.
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