How To Eject Game From PS3

As much fun as playing games and watching movies on your PS3 can be, eventually you will need to stop and eject your disc so knowing how to eject a game from PS3 properly will be important. Because the PS3 is set up differently than the previous Sony Playstation 2 console, it can be a bit confusing at first as to how you're supposed to get your game or movie out of there. Once you know what all the buttons mean, however, it is an extremely simple process.

Though you should be able to remove the disc without the use of any tools, in certain circumstances you may need:

  • A small Phillip's head screwdriver with a 1" or longer shank

How To Eject Your Game From the PS3:

  1. Stop playback. Before you eject the disc, you want to make sure that the PS3 is no longer reading it to play the game or movie. This is done by pressing the "PS" button on your controller, found between the "Select" and "Start" buttons. The system will ask if you want to stop playback; answer "Yes."
  2. Hit the "Eject" button. This is found on the front of the PS3 console, right in front of the slot you inserted your game into. When you hit the button the eject indicator will blink, and your disc will be ejected.
  3. The disc may not pop out when you hit the button. In this case, hold the eject button for 10 seconds to force the disc to eject.

Sometimes there is a problem with either your game or your system, and you cannot get the PS3 to eject the disc as it normally would. 

  1. Manually remove the disc. This can only be done on a PS3 that is model  CECH-2001A or CECH-2001B. Start by turning off the PS3 and removing the AC power cord. Turn the system over.
  2. Open the screw cover. Carefully remove it from the system. Insert the Phillip's head screwdriver into the screw hole. 
  3. Rotate the screw counter clockwise. This will eject the disc from the disc slot. Continue rotating the screw until the disc is fully ejected.

Even if the above methods don't open the PS3 in order to remove the disc yourself. This will void your warranty and you will not be able to send the PS3 in to Sony for a repair.

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