How To Electrify A Doorknob

Weather you’re looking to take a bizarre security measure, recreate a scene from Home Alone or just an over the top prank, you may have asked the question of how to electrify a doorknob. The process is not overly difficult and requires merely a trip to a hardware store for supplies. Please keep in mind that this article is for informational purposes only. This project can be dangerous to yourself during set up or anyone who touches the doorknob.

 Items needed to electrify a doorknob:

  •  disposable camera
  • soldering gun
  • sixteen gauge wire
  • philips head screwdriver
  • roll of electrical tape
  • insulated copper wire with two alligator clips
  • a door with a claw style handle
  • two alligator clips
  • a string with a loop on each end (optional)
  • two thumb tacks (optional)
  1. Remove any kind of covering on the camera. Most disposable cameras have a cardboard covering. Next open the plastic housing. You will need the screwdriver for this.
  2. Carefully remove the circuit board from the camera. If you touch the capacitor wires or connection points, you will get shocked.
  3. Using the solder gun, attach the 16-gauge wires to the connection points. These are the connection points that connect the flashbulb to the circuit board.
  4. Remove the flashbulb. Now place the circuit board back into the housing. Make sure to leave the two wires you just added hanging out.
  5. To charge the device hold the flash button down. The amount of electrical charge admitted will be biggest when it is fully charged.
  6. Attach two alligator clips to the wires.
  7. Loosen the screws of the doorknob. There is no need to completely take the doorknob off.
  8. Slide the insulated wire through the opening. Once this is done the wire will be poking out from both sides. Strip off about an inch of the insulation from the end that you just fed through the door.
  9. Tighten the screws back on the doorknob. Be careful not to get it to tight or it will break the wire.
  10. Using a small piece of tape hide the wire. Now tape the part of the expose wire to the handle so it is hidden as well. Do not completely cover the exposed wire or the electrical charge will not do it’s job. Double check that there is enough wire to allow the handle to turn.
  11. Attach the camera to the backside of the door. You can do this with tape. Or tack one end of the string to the door. Then wrap the string around the camera twice and then tack the other end of the string to the door.
  12. Now attach the alligator clips. Attach one clip to the wire. Attach the other to the handle.
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