How To Eliminate Cat Urine From Concrete Floors

Learning how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors is a common problem among cat owners or neighbors of cat owners.  If you have already attempted to remove the cat urine scent from concrete and found that it didn't work, that is because concrete is a porous substance, meaning that it absorbs all liquids that it comes in contact with.  Because of this, special products and techniques must be used when learning how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors.

The materials needed to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors include:

  • White distilled vinegar
  • Water
  • Enzyme based pet odor remover (available at pet supply stores)
  • Plastic tarp (make sure the tarp has no writing on it, as the words will transfer onto the concrete)
  • Mop
  • Concrete sealant

 Once you have all your supplies, follow these steps to learn how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors:

  1. Wash the area.  Combine the vinegar with warm water.  The proper formula should include one part vinegar to two parts water.  For example, four cups of water will require two cups of vinegar.  Clean the ENTIRE area thoroughly with the water/vinegar solution.  For easy application, use a mop.
  2. Apply the enzyme based product.  Because cat urine is a protein based substance, it does not wash away with regular cleaning products.  Purchase an enzyme based product and saturate the concrete with it.  Remember, concrete is a porous material so it will absorb all the liquid in time.
  3. Cover the area.  This is the step many people overlook when learning how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors.  To keep the area from drying out too quickly, and control the evaporation of it into the concrete, cover the entire area with a very large tarp. 
  4. Let it set.  You will want to keep the area covered until it is dried completely.  This will take several hours, thus it is best to allow it to set overnight.  Be sure to secure the tarp with heavy objects to prevent it from blowing loose.
  5. Seal the concrete.  You have now successfully learned how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors.  To prevent cat urine from penetrating the concrete again, seal the concrete with a concrete sealant.  This will protect the concrete from cat urine and all other stains and water damage.  It will make the concrete floor look a lot nicer too.

Aside from getting rid of the foul odor, another benefit of learning how to eliminate cat urine from concrete floors is that your cat or neighborhood cats will not be drawn to the same location to mark their territory.



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