How To Eliminate Oleic Acid From The Scalp

Need to know to eliminate oleic acid from the scalp? Eliminating oleic acid from the scalp can help solve dandruff problems and soothe. The first step in getting rid of the oleic acid though, is understanding exactly what it is and how it works. This particular acid is the most common skin and/or scalp irritant and is created by the reaction of natural oils found on the body and a type of fungus. Once created, the oleic acid then can cause inflammation and/or flaking of the hair or skin. So, how do you eliminate oleic acid  from the scalp?

  1. Good Hygiene. Proper hygiene is a necessity to eliminate oleic acid from the scalp. Washing and bathing as needed is highly recommended. Some individuals associate dandruff and/or skin conditions caused by oleic acid to dry skin or hair and therefore decrease washings. The effect is quite to the contrary and often makes the problem worse.
  2.  Zinc. Special shampoos for dandruff may be able to eliminate oleic acid from the scalp. However, the results may only be temporary. Anti dandruff shampoos that contain Zinc Pyrithiones as the primary ingredient can help by fighting the fungus that is responsible. These shampoos can be purchased over the counter in various brand names.
  3. Ketoconazole.This particular ingredient which is also used for elimination of oleic acid from the scalp, is best used when Zinc Pyrithiones is not sufficient or inadequate. Ketoconazole is also found in many popular shampoos and conditioners designed for those with dandruff and/or psoriasis. However, excessive or inappropriate use can cause further irritation.


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