How To Enable Java On A Blackberry 8320

Need to know how to enable Java on a BlackBerry 8320? By default, your BlackBerry 8320 will have Java turned off. The reason for Java being turned off is for security purposes. However, many websites require Java, so you will frequently see a message pop up on your BlackBerry telling you that you need to enable Java to view the website. If you are into playing games on the web, it is almost a must that you enable Java.

  1. To enable Java on your BlackBerry 8320, you will first need to open the browser. Once the browser has opened, press the Menu key on your BlackBerry 8320.
  2. With the browser menu open, click on "Options" and then "Browser Configuration." The browser configuration menu will display three different Java settings. Those settings are "support JavaScript," "allow JavaScript popups," and "terminate slow running scripts."
  3. To enable Java on your BlackBerry 8320, you will need to select the "support JavaScript" option. When you select the support JavaScript option, a checkmark will be placed in the box next to the option. Once you have enabled Java on your BlackBerry 8320, press the Menu key and select "Save Options."

By using the directions above, you can enable Java on your BlackBerry 8320 within seconds. For that reason, you may want to consider enabling Java only when needed. If you do not intend to enable Java on your BlackBerry 8320 and you would like to disable your BlackBerry 8320 from displaying popup warnings about needing Java, deselect the "allow JavaScript popups" option.

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