How To End An Affair With A Married Woman

Do you want to know how to end an affair with a married woman? Maybe what seemed like a good idea in the beginning hasn't worked out so well. Or perhaps you've found a girl who's single and you'd rather be with her. Maybe you're tired of sneaking around. Whatever the reason, ending an affair with a married woman should be done directly, but delicately.

  1. Think about what you want to say. Before you end an affair with a married woman, think about what you want to say. If you prepare before approaching her, you start off on a better foot. Calm your nerves by writing down how you want to end the affair and speaking it out loud. You can also talk to a trusted friend and prepare with them.
  2. Break up in a public place. Ask to meet in a public place when you want to end an affair with a married woman. It's harder to get out of control when others are around, and a public place also ensures you're not tempted to have one last fling. Since she's a married woman, be sure you meet somewhere her husband, family and friends won't see you.
  3. Tell her how you feel. Speak from your heart and tell her how you feel. If you want to end an affair with a married woman, the best way to tell is through a soulful approach. Thank her for the good times and experience. Tell her you had a wonderful time (if this is the truth). Wish her well, keep it simple and don't blame or accuse. Ending an affair with a married woman shouldn't be hard. As long as you are clear, she should understand the break up.
  4. Prepare for questions and possible rebuttals. When you want to end an affair with a married woman, prepare for her response. More than likely she will have questions and a possible rebuttal. If your married woman is into you, she'll want to know why you're ending what seemed like a good thing. This is where those heartfelt responses help. Stay calm and cool through the process. Answers her questions honestly and don't get upset. If she throws a fit or makes a scene, tell her that you have to leave.
  5. End the affair. Once you've told her it's over and she's had the opportunity to respond, you can end the affair with a married woman. If you had a great time, this will be hard. However, now you are free to go on with your life. What happens after you say goodbye to your married woman is her business. Make sure that when you call it, the affair ends. If you go back and forth, you will never end an affair and it will be hard on both of you.



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