How To End An Emotional Affair

When you're in a compromising position, you might ask yourself how to end an emotional affair. It stinks if your partner is a drama queen, and this fact won't make it easier when you call it quits.

  1. Cut the cord. Ending an emotional affair means cutting the cord and never looking back. Your objective with this break up is to get out. If you hesitate or show any signs of weakness, your girlfriend is sure to pick up on the vibes. She'll pounce on the chance to whine, beg and get angry. Because you want to avoid the drama, make a clean break.
  2. Break up in public. She's less likely to create a scene if you end an emotional affair in a public place. Take her out to dinner and make sure you're seated at a table or booth with separate seating. If you need to make an escape, you will be able to flee quickly. Some may think this kind of break up isn't right, but when you're dealing with a drama-loving girl, ending an emotional affair in public might be the only way.
  3. Keep it simple. Keep it simple when you break up. Although you don't owe her an explanation or need to explain why you're breaking up, it's fair to give her some information. What you don't want to do is engage in a battle of words. She might be looking for a way to start an argument, so tell her why you're breaking up and ending this emotional affair. A few sentences is enough explanation. If she asks for more, tell her it's over and you have to leave.
  4. No second helpings. It goes without saying that when you end an emotional affair, you don't go back for seconds. It's tempting when she calls in the middle of the night and you're feeling lonely. Or maybe you're out and have had a few drinks. Your guard is down and you think you miss her. When you want to end an emotional affair, you can't turn back time. Save the booty calls for someone else. It's confusing to both you and your ex-girlfriend, and it won't help the situation.
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