How To End A Letter

If you have found yourself in a situation where you have to write a letter, then one of the aspects you need to know is how to end a letter. These sounds like it would be very simple, but there are many different endings for different types of letters.  The two basic types of letters that you may need to end are formal and informal letters.

What you will need:

  • Knowledge of what type of letter you are trying to end
  1. Start by figuring out what kind of letter it is that you are trying to end. If you are trying to end a letter that you are, say, sending to a friend or relative, then you will need to use an informal ending. If you are ending a professional letter that you are sending to a business or a prospective employer, then you need to use a different type of ending. Just remember that if you are sending the letter to someone that you aren’t trying to impress, then you should use an informal ending to the letter.
  2. Use an informal ending to your informal letter. If you are sending a letter to a relative or to your family, then you can use a letter ending such as “Love, (your name),” “Yours truly, (your name)" or “Warm regards.” These endings will keep you from sounding too formal in your letters to your family or friends and will also keep you from sounding too emotionally distant in your letter ending.
  3. If your letter is formal, then use a formal ending. Some good endings for formal letters include “Sincerely, (your name)” and “Respectfully yours, (your name).” Ending a letter like this shows respect to the person you are writing to and will probably help your case.
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